A PGA professional with 40+ years of golf experience, Sean Bolduc brings his passion for the sport to every lesson and tournament. Over the years, Sean has taught more than 30,000 golf lessons to children and adults of all ages and skill levels. His students have won more than 200 tournaments since 1994.

Sean was named one of the US Kids Golf Top 50 Teachers in America in 2016, and he continues to receive recognition for the quality of his instruction.

In his work with central Indiana families, Sean became convinced that kids need a more affordable option for playing competitive golf. “Families should not have to choose between paying the mortgage and helping their children play golf well,” Sean says.

That conviction led Sean to start the Mizuno Junior Golf Tour in 2018. The tour combines top-notch instruction and competition with affordable accessibility—making it the ideal environment for kids just beginning in the sport all the way through high school seniors interested in playing golf at the collegiate level.

Originally from Minnesota, Sean and his wife, Carrie Ann, now live in Indianapolis. In addition to his leadership of the Mizuno Junior Golf Tour, Sean trains golfers at The Bridgewater Club in Westfield, Indiana, as well at the private Sean Bolduc Jr. Golf Tour Studio in Noblesville, Indiana.

Learn more about the Mizuno Junior Golf Tour, and become a member to work on your golf game with PGA Pro Sean Bolduc.