Frequently Asked Questions

What level of play can I expect from the Mizuno Junior Golf Tour?2021-05-03T20:57:24-04:00

The Mizuno Junior Golf Tour provides pro instruction for juniors of all ages and skill levels and is committed to competitive tournaments to support serious players.

Do you allow beginners to join the tour?2021-05-03T20:57:54-04:00

Yes. The Mizuno Junior Golf Tour is a great way to try out the sport and find out if golf is right for you.

Will the Mizuni Junior Golf Tour help me with college team recruitment?2021-05-03T20:58:24-04:00

Thanks to PGA rankings and online access, you don’t need to play in front of a college recruiter to be considered for college scholarships and team membership. Your Mizuno Junior Golf scores and results are available online, giving you access to recruiters from across the nation. Our PGA pro and tour staff can help you navigate the college recruitment process.

Do I have to play in all of the scheduled tournaments for the season?2018-05-22T13:21:07-04:00

You may play in as many or as few tournaments as you like, and as fits in to your schedule. Regardless of tournament play, each player must join the tour. After joining, be sure to register for the individual events you’d like to play.

How many holes will I play in each tournament?2021-05-03T20:59:27-04:00

With the exception of The Preserve at Bridgewater and Zionsville, which are both nine-hole events, players ages 12-18 play 18 holes and players ages 11 and under play nine holes.

How can I get my tee time?2018-05-22T13:21:47-04:00

Specific tee times for each player are posted at least two days prior to each tournament. Check the Tour Schedule for details.

Is there a maximum score per hole?2018-05-22T13:32:52-04:00

Most of our tournaments play a “double par” maximum. For example, on a Par 4 hole, the maximum score would be an eight.

Nine-hole events may be played using a modified Stableford scoring method.

What if my birthday falls in the middle of the season?2018-05-22T13:32:23-04:00

Your age group depends on your age on the day of each tournament. So, if you begin the season in the 11-and-under group, but then turn 12 during the season, you will play with the 12-to-14 group in each tournament after your birthday.

Are range balls provided at the tournaments?2018-05-22T13:32:12-04:00

Range balls are not provided at most events. Please plan to pay for range balls when you arrive at the event.

How can I find out if a tournament is rained out or rescheduled?2021-05-03T21:00:48-04:00

The Mizuno Junior Golf Tour will update social media if events are rained out, but we encourage players to contact the course directly for up-to-the-minute cancellations.

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